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Established in 2001, JOBSinWORLD is a premier provider of solutions for job seekers, recruiters and employers. Upon surveying the various career related sites on the internet it was found that while many sites had different valuable content none had a complete turn key solution for the job searching process. JOBSinWORL was launched with the idea to provide an “All in one” solution for job seekers recruiters and employers.

Services to Job Seekers

In today’s career market one can find literally tens of thousands of career sites. Which makes it extremely difficult to adequately search through all of the available jobs online. By partnering with Nestsoft Technologies Jobsviewer.com can literally put the millions of available jobs right at its users fingertips. Not only Jobsviewer.com’s job postings are searched but also currently over 3,000,000 jobs in over 300 major career sites are also simultaneously searched. Results are easily viewed through our easy to use job search page.

There is another dilemma today’s job seeker finds themselves in after locating all the available jobs they qualify for. What to do with all of this information? That is where Jobsviewer.com’s additional tools come into play. Every registered user of Jobsviewer.com receives their own free web based account and free web based organizer. The free web based account provides a means of maintaining a separate account so their valuable response from employers is not lost in the flood of every day email in their primary email account. It also provides the means to remain anonymous to those job seekers who are currently employed and do not wish their employer to know they are in the job market.There is an excellent tool to organize the resume follow up and interviewing process. The job seeker enters in the scheduled event and if they wish to be reminded by email, internet message or pager

Services to Employers / Recruiters

Along with this amazing offer we also extend several other free services to employers and recruiters who become a member of Jobsviewer.com. Becoming a member is free and with that membership also comes: Free searching through our resume database - Every day qualified candidates post their resumes in our resume database. All registered employers can perform unlimited searches of our database to locate qualified candidates.

Employers can have a account to use while corresponding with job seekers. Schedule interviews and follow up on projects. Receive your reminders via email, internet message and even on your pager. Accessible anywhere in the world with a web browser.Store all contact data on potential employees accessible anywhere in the world with only a web browser.

Free access to our resume search reminder service – Store the qualifications of the job seekers you are looking for and have us automatically email you every time there is a new matching resume.

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