Senior Full Stack Lead Developer Jobs in Australia Plains SA, Australia

Senior Full Stack Lead Developer

  • Australia Plains SA, Australia 
11 to 11 years
Full Time
Job Description

Locate2u is a Saas application based in Sydney, Australia, that helps delivery and service companies provide their customers an ultimate delivery experience. We currently have customers all around the world. We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer to join our team! We have a team of developers based around the world, in Australia, the Philippines, and India - all working remotely. We’re looking for a new senior full stack developer to join our team, to help build our web portal (in Vue) and backend services (C# and .NET Core). Working in a small team, you will be directly contributing to the direction of the product. Skills We Need Frontend skills: Excellent HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. Experience with CSS tools such as SASS. Server-side skills: Experience in building on a Microsoft stack (C#, .NET Core, Web API, EF, and SQL Server). Strong SQL skills Experience designing web APIs General skills: Experience with Git for source control is essential (we use GitHub). Non-essential, but highly regarded skills include: Experience with Vue Experience with writing unit/integration tests is highly regarded. Cloud experience - ideally experience with Azure and Azure Functions. DevOps experience with Azure Experience building spatial/map based software Any experience with designing and implementing complex algorithms such as route optimisation If you can provide side projects that you are working on (or have worked on), open source projects you have created or contributed to, community groups you have spoken to or run, then these will be very highly regarded. About You 10+ years experience in building software professionally Good communication (English) and interpersonal skills Good eye for design and detail. Able to create aesthetically appealing web user interfaces. User experience and details focused Able to operate autonomously with high-level direction. You should be able to conceptualise problems, ask the right questions, and implement appropriate solutions. Willing to follow coding standards, design patterns, and create aesthetically pleasing, maintainable, readable code. Excellent problem solving skills An understanding of security risks, and how to write secure code Able to always see the big picture, and able to implement long term solutions rather than short term hacks Experience in writing quality, testable (and tested) code We have a friendly, positive team of developers and corporate culture, and you should have the same attitude and demeanour. Any logistics experience or experience building map-centric applications will be highly regarded, but not essential What You Will Do In this role, you will: Take loose requirements about features that need to be developed, and design a user experience / workflow and the screen layouts, along with the business logic to support the requirements Build the screens in HTML and CSS/LESS Write JavaScript code to provide the user interface logic and to communicate with the server Create well designed, robust and secure APIs to allow the web frontend to access the business logic Design data models and build high performance SQL queries to meet the requirements of the business logic Write tests for your code

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