LEAD DEVELOPER - ANDROID Jobs in Kerala, India


  • Thrissur, Kerala, India 
4 to 4 years
Full Time
Job Description

Key Responsibilities 1. Design and build advanced applications for the Android platform 2. Ensures the finest performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications 3. Monitoring and resolving the production issues/bugs 4. Work co-operative with UI/UX designers, Web service developers, and testers to ensure quality and timely delivery 5. Assisting the business development team with project estimates and technical strategy 6. Lead the entire web application development life cycle right from concept stage to delivery and maintenance 7. Document the development process, architecture, and standard components. 8. Lead a team of Jr. Android Developers and keeps project managers well informed of the status of development 9.Keep abreast of new trends and best practices in web development Qualification / Requirement 1. Knowledge in Kotlin, Coroutines, Flow, Scope functions, and various KTX libraries (Java is a plus) 2. Knowledge in MVVM (with the repository) is needed (MVC/MVP is a plus) 3. Knowledge in Android Jetpack Components like Room, WorkManager, ViewModel, LiveData, Navigation, Paging, DataBinding (or ViewBinding) 4. Knowledge in modifying Material Design Component (MDC) and/or AppCompat Views to match the given design 5. Knowledge in Activities, Fragment, Services, Broadcast Receivers, Notifications, Intents 6. Knowledge in Dependency Injection using Dagger2 or Dagger-Hilt 7. Experience in using libraries like Retrofit, Coil, Glide, Timber 8. Experience in using the desugaring library 9. Experience in using various Firebase components like Analytics, Crashlytics, Remote Config, and Cloud Messaging 10. Knowledge in releasing applications in Play Store using Bundles 11. Experience in VCS – Github or Gitlab

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