UI Technical Artist Jobs in TX, USA

UI Technical Artist

  • Frisco, TX, USA 
Gearbox Software
5 to 5 years
Full Time
Job Description

Comfortable working in a 3D modeling application and Photoshop. Able to collaborate and work well with teams from various disciplines. Take ownership of shippable quality content/systems that are memory efficient and performant. Problem-Solve and provide a clear solution to complicated issues. Ability to think out-of-the-box to overcome technical challenges. Ability to self-direct and be autonomous when it is required. Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following artistic disciplines: Environment/Level Art, Visual Effects, Surface Art, Lighting 6+ Years of industry experience. Comfortable working in the Unreal Engine, including Blueprints and the Material Editor. Experience working with 3DS Max and Houdini, with an ability to create assets in both as needed. Working knowledge of Python and the ability to quickly learn similar scripting languages, if re-quired. Experience with current generation platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4). Experience with other popular or proprietary engines (Unity, etc). Strong balance of creative/visual aesthetics and technical skills. Experience with providing feedback and integrating content from outsourced tale Work with UI and Tech Artists to ensure best practices and optimal workflows are being followed. Communicate and work closely with UI and Engine Programmers to develop new features needed in delivering highly polished, sophisticated presentations. Analyze and relay memory/performance concerns associated with UI throughout a project’s development. Work with supporting art teams (FX, Modelers, etc.) to integrate assets into the UI, from proxy to final asset implementation. Create efficient and user-friendly UI Master Materials and Material Functions based on the standards set by the Tech Art team. Author and maintain Scripts to be used by artists and designers in our UI/presentation tools. Explore and iterate on ways to bring our projects presentation goals to life.

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